New Things…

Let’s face it: Christmas is over. The season to be jolly is over, and that is quite sad, at least for Christmas lovers like me, because now we have to wait the whole year-long till it’s Christmas again. But I have to recognize that if it were Christmas all year, we would get tired of it. That’s how humans are: we get tired of things very easily. That’s why this year I’m going to try to keep myself inspired with new projects and new ideas, and to do new things.

But one thing I think we should all try this year is to help others. But… how can we do that? Well, there are a lot of little details we can include in our lives to make them better and to make the lifes of others also better, for example: every time someone stares at you, no matter if he is tall or short, blonde or brown, draw a smile on your face, that way it will make others happy because you have smiled to them, and it will make you happy because you have made an other person happy. Try it, it’s like magic! And if everyone is happy, we can start a lot of projects to make this world a better place to live, where no one has to say “Me too” again, or has to worry about loosing everything because of the war.

This may sound like a stupid thing, but we will never now it if we don’t try it, that’s why this year we should all smile a bit more. We can make the magic happen together!